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Intelligent data extraction solutions for Banking, Financial Data Providers, and Insurance industries.

Winner - BNY Mellon Connect 20 Challenge 2020!
Foreseer is a turnkey human-in-the-loop enterprise platform that leverages AI and NLP to extract information from unstructured data at scale.

Foreseer Advantage


Improve data extraction accuracy by 30%


Reduce OPEX by 70% for data collection and processing



Extract and process data 5x faster. Launch new products in weeks.

100% control over the information you extract. Clean, complete data sets.

How will it work for me?

1. Annotate

data of interest using our annotation tool or our annotation workforce

2. Train

using pre-built models as a starting point. Refine models using your own data.

Use our data scientists to build custom models.

3. Extract

unstructured data using the updated models

4. Enrich

extracted data using pre-built data processing capabilities

5. Validate

extracted and enriched data using subject matter experts

6. Distribute

structured output as files or through a pipeline to database

Buy-Side Firms


Foreseer helps banks, financial data providers, insurance companies, and buy-side firms extract and process data for unstructured and structured sources. We prevent delays, errors, or hefty fines due to regulatory or compliance issues.

Financial Data Providers



Collect large, robust datasets with little human intervention. Foreseer's deep learning models are capable of extracting unstructured data for datasets faster than the competition and at a fraction of the cost. Full traceability, validation and data transformation support.

Perform fast, secure, GDPR-compliant data collection from user-provided documents for insurance claims.

Stop overpaying for claims with end to end visibility from submissions to claims processing. 

Foreseer solves document extraction and end-to-end processing for loan or credit agreements, collateral management, confirms, and many more paper-driven processes that require significant human involvement.


Extract US Public Finance data filed by municipality and school districts from PDF, HTML and scanned documents.

  • Transferred learning for Foreseer’s existing models to adapt to Public Finance filings.

  • Built custom text processing models using Transformers, summarizing multiple paragraphs to a single value for pension and debt data.

  • Converted scanned images to searchable, markable documents.

  • Built rich and powerful UI for data validation and operational reports.


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Platform features


Convert scanned documents to readable files

Foreseer converts your scanned documents into searchable, selectable documents using advanced OCR capabilities.

Extract relevant data from large, unstructured sources.

Foreseer extracts relevant data from tables, free-flowing text, and snippets from large documents, webpages, feeds, and more. Use our pre-trained models or deploy your own self-trained models.

Validate data using a robust quality control system

Foreseer helps you extract, consume, and distribute data that is gold standard using a sophisticated quality management framework, automated error checks and validation interface.

Translate foreign language documents to your native

Foreseer translates foreign language documents into the language of your choice using a mature stack of translation engines.

Turnkey solutions for banking & finance

Get started in a couple of days with our self-service offering. With our pre-trained models for financial services and the insurance industry, you will see savings in time, cost and reduction in errors in days.

Distribute data in ways and formats of your choice

Foreseer lets you download the extracted and enriched data in formats including XLS, JSON, XML, and more. Or, feed data directly to your database leveraging an API.

Our Team


Anand Chavan

Founder, CEO


Ryan Minogue



Kaushal Lahankar


Chatar Pal

CTO, Platform


Anupam Tyagi

Technology Head, India


Tasos Kontogiorgos



Joe Simon


Foreseer processes over twenty million PDF and HTML pages every month with content sourced from 35 countries in 12 different languages.

Client Testimonals


Major Oil Drilling Corporation

Information extraction system for our semi structured reports was exemplary and easy to use.

Managing Director

Fortune 500 Financial Data Provider

Our Process automation for handling hundreds of thousands of PDF, HTML, Scans in near real time was tremendous efficiency gains for us

Portfolio Manager

Long Short Equity Fund, NYC

Handling of Tweeter feed data for sentiment analysis -- from labeling services to model build in a month was beyond our expectations.


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