Case Studies

Learn more about how Foreseer is helping enterprises automate extraction and enrichment of data through our case studies.

Extraction of Public Ownership Data from Company Filings

Foreseer helps a major global financial institution extract unstructured Public Ownership data from company filings around the world. Foreseer uses a set of sophisticated engines to extract and enrich data to deliver significant efficiency gains, faster go-to-market and increased quality of published data.

Extraction of Financial Data from Public Company Filings

Foreseer is working with a major global financial institution collect financial data from SEC filings and other unstructured publications. Foreseer's platform is being developed to help extract data from Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flows along with detailed data from the breakdown of all line items reported in those tables.



Analysis of Clinical Trials Data

There is a centralized public source of data for most clinical trials done in US. On this dataset, Foreseer helps perform domain-specific searches, perform correlation analysis of various factors, enables creating data analysis pipelines with a number of disparate components and set up a notification system when new relevant research results are available.

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