Intelligent extraction of unstructured data

Foreseer is an enterprise-grade platform that leverages machine learning, NLP and artificial intelligence to extract data from unstructured documents. Foreseer is adopted by a number of enterprises to unlock efficiency gains and go to market faster with high quality data products.





What We Offer

Foreseer helps enterprises extract information from HTML files, unstructured PDF, scanned documents, images and social media feeds. Our comprehensive human-in-the-loop solution comes with an optional data labeling and validation service to augment data teams. Typically, our platform has demonstrated 5x-10x reduction in errors, cost and time to collect and process unstructured data.

Acquire Data

Automate your data sourcing function using Foreseer’s Sourcing Framework. Foreseer offers standardized, secure, audit ready web scraping tools, pluggable feeds from Twitter and other streaming sources, as well as a large collection of pre-built connectors for sourcing data from Microsoft Excel, JSON, APIs, Databases, S3s and so on.

Foreseer’s Sourcing Framework also presents the ability for you to mount your own sourcing engine built in-house or procured from a third-party. If you choose to, let Foreseer manage your sourcing function and provide you with what you want so your business stays focused on your core competencies.


Label Data

Learn how Foreseer can help your business annotate data and assemble training sets for your machine learning needs efficiently.


Cold Start issues?

In the world of Deep Learning, more is often better. You know what you want, but you have a limited amount of raw data to start the model training loop. We can help, by providing you with access to datasets you will find useful, as well as similar contents across publically available datasets.


Use Our Models

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Extracting relevant data from less structured documents is a challenge. Foreseer brings you a pre-built collection of OCR and data extraction engines that are trained to recognize tabular and textual data. Foreseer lets you pick the right engines for your processes from its collection that constantly goes through upgrades and enhancements. With baked in support for Named Entity Recognition, address, dates, tables, footnotes, table of content extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization and multiple other general models, we accelerate your business delivery 10X!


Build Your Models

We understand that one size does not fit all. If our data extraction models fail to get the job done for you, Foreseer lets you build your own models using your in-house technologists and data scientists. Foreseer gets you the raw data and annotations for your workflow to design your own models using Jupyter Labs. Once your model is built, you can choose to exclusively use your models or have your models run alongside the pre-built Foreseer models.

End-to-End Delivery

Often extraction of relevant data is only half the job done. The extracted data might need one or more of: human in the loop validation, transformations, aggregations, linkages to existing internal master records, lineage tracking and finally scalable, secure storage. We make end to end delivery 10X faster and we do it at scale.

Foreseer offers a portfolio of capabilities that will help you enhance the extracted data for your ultimate consumption. Foreseer's stack of data enhancement tools are designed to address common data enhancement requirements that are plug-and-play with minimal customization.

Case Studies


Extract ownership data from PDFs, Html, Document Scans from filing of public companies from around the world.

  • Effectively created a pipeline based system for processing documents in near real time from around the world.

  • Built machine learning models for effective table extraction, dates detection, named entity analysis.

  • Built deep learning model for data extraction from long text statements.

  • Built rich and powerful UI for data validation and correction and operational reports.



We take our clients privacy very seriously and do not display logos. We process roughly twenty Million PDF and HTML pages per month with content sourced from 35 countries in 12 different languages. We have three Fortune 500 clients and multiple smaller clients. Happy to get live references before close!


Major Oil Drilling Corporation

Information extraction system for our semi structured reports was exemplary and easy to use.

Senior Director

Major Global Financial Institution

Our Process automation for handling hundreds of thousands of PDF, HTML, Scans in near real time was tremendous efficiency gains for us

Portfolio Manager

Long Short Equity Fund, NYC

Handling of Tweeter feed data for sentiment analysis -- from labeling services to model build in a month was beyond our expectations.

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