Automate Claims Data Collection 

Extract, validate, collate, and link all your claims processing-related data.

Fast, Secure, Scalable solution for claims data collection.

What problems are commonly faced in claims data collection?

Data collection in claims processing is largely manual due to a wide variety of document formats. This leads to overpayments, a significant resource cost of data collection, and significant delays in cases of mass claims events.

  1. A wide variety of data sources leads to data collection processes relying heavily, or even entirely, on manual work. Current solutions cannot even make documents searchable if they are scanned. 

  2. Data operations maturity takes a lot of manual rigor and training. Data validation and associated processes get difficult to follow as more people or data sets come online.

  3. Sensitive data masking and overall management is really difficult across disparate collection processes and systems.

  4. Overpaying due to the overall lack of data collection and linking maturity is a common problem besetting insurance claims handling departments.

How will Foreseer help?

30-30-30: 30% of current cost, 30% of current time, 30% improvement in data quality.

  1. Foreseer handles a wide variety of data formats in claims data collection. With our pre-trained models and efficient UI, we can cut standard claims processing document time to 30% of the existing baseline. 

  2. With our data linking, data validation, document search, and many other features you will achieve significant automation and require far fewer people (typically 30%), thereby reducing your cost.

  3. With Foreseer there is a significant improvement in data quality (typically 30%), leading to cost savings downstream in payment and settlement systems.

What are the capabilities of the platform for automating claims processing?

  • Foreseer’s proven NLP and AI algorithms to extract semi-structured and unstructured data.

  • Foreseer’s continuous learning capabilities; the more you use it the better it gets in extracting data, especially when there is a similarity in documents.

  • Foreseer’s best-in-market OCR engines to convert scanned documents and images to extractable, machine-readable versions

  • Foreseer’s translation services.

  • Foreseer’s web-based human-in-the-loop platform to review and edit machine-extracted data.

  • Foreseer's source-tagged data output providing 100% transparency to data location.

  • Foreseer’s self-service error check framework to validate data.

Can you highlight GDPR or generally sensitive data issues?

We can automatically scan your documents and feeds for sensitive data, flagging issues related to GDPR. Any sensitive data that needs masking will be flagged and bought to your attention.

Where is my data kept, and where is the software installed?

We can host the environment on your premises or your private cloud to alleviate any privacy or data theft-related concerns. We offer managed services on our cloud instances too. In either case, all of the sensitive data is kept masked in the data store.