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Power your product ambitions using Foreseer's exclusive Launch Partner Program

Get free-of-cost access to Foreseer's intelligent capabilities to build data products that you have always wanted to build.

What is Foreseer's Launch Partner Program?

Foreseer’s launch partner program is designed to help data aggregators build data products faster and at a fraction of the cost by providing them nearly free access to Foreseer’s intelligent data extraction platform.


What do I get free-of-cost access to?

Gain free-of-cost access to Foreseer’s wide portfolio of capabilities to aggregate data and build your product.

  • Leverage Foreseer’s proven NLP and AI algorithms to extract semi-structured and unstructured data

  • Use Foreseer’s best-in-the-market OCR engines to convert scanned documents and images to extractable, machine-readable versions

  • Untap data and insights buried in foreign language documents by using Foreseer’s ability to systematically translate them into English

  • Use Foreseer’s web-based platform to review the machine-extracted data and make updates to them where necessary

  • Provide source-tagged data output to your customers by rendering the coordinates in documents where data is collected from

  • Get access to Foreseer’s data engineers and machine learning experts to custom-build data extraction models that meet your specific extraction needs

  • Be in control of the quality of the data extracted by leveraging Foreseer’s automated data error check framework

  • Plug your business users and subject matter experts seamlessly into the thoughtfully architected human-in-the-loop process of Foreseer’s platform

  • Get operational with our platform in no time tapping into our comprehensive ecosystem of capabilities on the cloud


Sounds too good to be true. Is there something I should expect to pay for?

You’re expected to pay for only the cost of hosting and usage of your environment on the cloud. You pay for nothing else.


What benefits should I expect to see if I were to use Foreseer?

Get proven benefits that our platform has delivered to global market leading data providers.

  • Go-to-market faster. We understand that aggregating and building data products is time-consuming. With Foreseer’s automated data aggregation capabilities, build data products in a fraction of the time.

  • Reduce product build costs. In the absence of sophisticated technology, data curation is usually people-intensive. Our data extraction capabilities will do a large part of the people-intensive job systematically, thus reducing people costs for you.

  • Enhance data quality. One of our studies found that over 70% of the errors in data are committed by the people that handle data. With Foreseer’s platform minimizing the need for people to handle data, you should be able to significantly enhance the data quality of your product.

What is in it for Foreseer?

In return for the free-of-cost access to Foreseer’s platform and intelligent data extraction capabilities, we’ll work with you on a profit-sharing agreement if your product is successful. You pay us only if the data product that you build using Foreseer’s capabilities sells. No conditions attached.


Does my organization qualify?

Foreseer’s launch partner program is not open to all. Please contact us at to know if your business or product qualifies. Foreseer reserves the right to qualify product ideas for the partnership.

Neon Spheres

Foreseer Launch Partner Program

Write to us at to know if your organization or product idea qualifies. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss and qualify your product.


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