Label Data.

Foreseer provides data labeling software and services for text, images, voice and video data. Use the software for free for individual use or for a small per member licensing cost for a team of people with our On Prem Offering.

Augment your labeling effort with our team of full time data labelers headed by a dedicated project manager. We ensure your data quality and time expectations are met. 

We use machine learning models to identify name entities, dates, addresses etc. already in the text thereby allowing the labeling process to be faster.

Choose text from PDFs included Scanned PDFS. We highlight tables, section headings, names in the documents to expedite selection.

Use our Solution to extract text embedded in images or to label images in the document. With our machine learning model most of the extraction work is pre-done.

With our machine learning based tool augmented with human-in-the-loop solution getting 99% accuracy is what we pride on. Give it a try now!

User our dedicated team to validate you data extraction solutions.

Use our flexible API or intuitive UI to mange your work project. Create projects, assign to team members, monitor progress, review results, provide feedback, approve work, download results, archive projects. All from the UI or by using our REST API.

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